About Allied Authors

The Allied Authors of Wisconsin are published authors, up-and-comers, an agent, former journalists, nonfiction writers and avid readers who eagerly help one another become better fiction writers.

We are passionate about the craft and are committed to one another’s success — true allies on the road to publication.

Tracing our roots back to the Milwaukee Fictioneers (1931) and the Allied Authors of Milwaukee (1937), we are among the oldest professional writing groups in the state.

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2 responses to “About Allied Authors

  • Kristina Hill

    Good morning,
    I am in the process of writing a fiction book and am looking for guidance and support. How does one apply for membership in this group? I am not a published author (yet).
    I am a software professional writing in my spare time.

    • Allied Authors

      First of all, our apologies for taking until today to reply. We are going through organizational changes which need to be decided & completed before adding new members–probably no sooner than the beginning of next year, if you are still interested, & want to contact us then. Good luck with your writing in the meantime!

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