Mark J. Engels

Boyhood interests in trains and electronics fostered Mark’s career as an electrical engineer, designing and commissioning signal and communications systems for railroads and rail transit agencies across the United States. Along the way he indulged his writing desire by authoring articles for rail and transit industry trade magazines.

Coupled with his long-time membership in anime, manga and anthropomorphic fandoms, he took up writing genre fiction. Growing up in Michigan, never far from his beloved Great Lakes, Mark and his wife make their home today in Wisconsin with their son and dog, who naps beside him as he writes.

Mark is also a member of the Furry Writers Guild, an organization dedicated to “supporting, informing, elevating, and promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators.” His debut novel and series opener, a paranormal sci-fi thriller called Always Gray in Winter, released August 10, 2017, from Thurston Howl Publications.


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