Ramirez’s abundant bibliography now available

A new link has been added to the “Our Members” section, below the name of Allied Authors of Wisconsin member Thomas P. Ramirez. This is both a first and substantial step in compiling the complete bibliography of Tom’s work.

Thomas P. Ramirez

Thomas P. Ramirez

Nearly all of Tom’s 150-plus novels were issued under pseudonyms (e.g., Tony Calvano) or publishers’ house-names, which has proven to be an obstacle to recognition. The novels, averaging perhaps 225 pages or roughly 50,000 words each, tally a total of 7-8 million words.

Tom was a later-day “pulp smith,” writing erotic novels during the two decades following the demise of such magazines. The titles, which are shocking by today’s standards of political correctness, were usually supplied by the respective publisher. Most were written-to-order as pornographic novels during the 1960s and early ’70s, vividly describing with words what vintage mass-market paperback covers had, for decades, thrived on provocatively suggesting.

Despite this signal purpose, what could be overlooked is the careful plotting, thorough research and (for those of us who lived then) the authentic 1960s patina that went into the books. Each is written with captivating verve that compels reading.

Tom was ultimately drawn into the industry’s beleaguered history, defending free speech (more on that here: https://allied-authors.org/our-members/thomas-p-ramirez/), but eventually as the written word gave way to the VCR and other modes of delivery, he moved on, toned things down and entered the mass-market mainstream. There he produced several highly regarded Phoenix Force action books and even several soap operas for a Ballantine series.

The bibliography is a work-in-progress. We hope to add short fiction and nonfiction in the future. Additions, corrections and comments are welcome and can be sent to allied-authors@hotmail.com or Denysbarry@aol.com.

John D. Haefele submitted this article.


One response to “Ramirez’s abundant bibliography now available

  • Jack Byrne

    Tom’s impressive body of work amply displays the depth of his literary flexibility; he wrote…he writes…and will continue to write.
    He is a writer.

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